Posted on 21/07/2023
The album takes a dark, brutal and carefully crafted approach. "Preludium" presents us with four tracks shaped by darkness, consisting...

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Posted on 12/01/2023
16.02 Thursday Apeldoorn (NLD) "Gigant" Tickets -> 17.02 Copenhagen (DEN) "Hotel Cecil" Tickets -> 18.02 Sneek (NLD) "Het...

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Posted on 09/02/2022
Check out video of SJ Bernardo playing Old Ritual to an Ancient Curse (drum playthrough)

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From the Flames of Ideas to Extreme Paradise

With the intention of challenging pre-established ideas, the band PARADISE IN FLAMES was formed in 2002 in the city of Santa Luzia, Minas Gerais, inspired by the good old Death/Black Metal forged in the fire of one of the most brutal scenes in the world.

Quickly gaining prominence in the local scene, their first demo, “Empire in Ashes”, was released in 2003, followed by the EP “Devil From The Sky” in 2004. These releases opened up opportunities for the band, leading to appearances and interviews on specialized radio stations becoming a routine. The band participated in important Heavy Metal festivals like ForCaos (Fortaleza) and made a name for themselves in the Heavy Metal scene. This success propelled the release of their first album, “Homo Morbus Est” (2006), released by Democratic Records Brazil and distributed by MDR Records in Portugal in 2006.

Due to their success in the specialized media and with the audience, the band embarked on a tour in 2007, covering more than 15 Brazilian states, including sharing the stage with Krisiun.
“Labirinto das Metáforas” (2013) was their subsequent release. Bringing deep philosophical reflection in their lyrics, the band was visionary in releasing the album on digital platforms at a time when little was spoken about this form of promotion. PARADISE IN FLAMES resumed their activities in 2018 and released several singles in 2019, with notable tracks like “Has Never Seen a World Without Wars”, whose music video reached 350K views on YouTube. In 2019, the band broke boundaries and performed in various Latin American countries, bringing their identity-filled sound infused with blazing notes of pure hatred.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, the band released several singles and initiated important changes, including the permanent inclusion of female vocals. PARADISE IN FLAMES released several highly successful music videos as singles, which attracted the interest of the record label Blood Blast (Nuclear Blast), culminating in the release of their third album, “Devil’s Collection” (2020), by Poison Records in Brazil and Hellven Rec in Portugal. At this point, the band experienced a meteoric rise, with appearances in heavyweight international magazines like Metal Hammer and invitations for international tours that had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Act I” emerges as the rebirth element in the band’s career in 2021, presenting a much more mature sound that incorporates bold symphonic elements from the keyboards while maintaining the weight and extreme speed of their identity in the new lineup. They continue to confront all kinds of prejudices, precepts, and fixed ideas, now as a quintet composed of three vocalists with diverse styles that complement each other.

The band releases several music videos for their new songs, with standout tracks like “Bringer of Disease”, a fierce critique of human blindness in the face of political fallacies, and “Dancer of The Mist”, which explores the sacred and profane femininity. In 2022, PARADISE IN FLAMES t00k a major step in their career by embarking on their First International Tour, covering various countries in Southern, Eastern, and Northern Europe alongside major extreme bands like I Am Morbid, Batushka, and Diabolical.

Shortly after returning to Brazil, they released the EP “Past In Files”, featuring old songs re-recorded with the new symphonic lineup, done in a fully analog format. In 2023, the band returned to European lands on a new tour with Batushka and Hate, still promoting Act I. Currently, the band is releasing new singles that will be part of their new EP, “Preludium”. They are preparing for the release of a new album and continue to work on more music videos.